Native American Gourmet Dinner – at Halloween Time

It was so nice that our Gourmet Club decided to have its Native American Dinner on October 27th, so close to Halloween.  Our Gourmet Dinners are always themed, and this one was really fun! 

We had numerous appetizers, such as:  Lamb Stuffed Green Chiles, Pumpkin Marmalade with Homemade Chips, Salmon Cakes, and Cornsicles with Shrimp.  

Everyone came in costume…almost everyone in Indian costumes, and one friend as Meriwether Lewis, of the Lewis and Clark expedition to the West.  By the way, his wife was dressed as Sacagawea,the Shoshone Indian who accompanied the expedition!

The first course was Butternut Squash Soup (delicious!), and the main course was Pueblo Barbecued Pork Roast along with Cactus Pad Salad, many special breads (Indian Fry Bread was one!), and special jellies and honey.

Our hosts, Andraea and Steve Douglass (the couple on the left) prepared the main course and gave each of the ladies recipes for the other courses.  There were special beverages, and the desserts were:  Cranberry Crumble and Service Berry Upside Down Cake.  Needless-to-say, we had copious amounts of food!

One very special part of the evening (and a great surprise!) was the arrival of an authentic Native American Dance team.  The costumes were gorgeous, the dances were very exciting…and, yes, that is a real baby wrapped in a cradle board.  During the 45 minute performance, the baby never cried.  (Of course, the baby was wrapped very tightly – no wiggling allowed!)

It was quite a fun evening, enjoyed by all!  And, Will and I both have costumes for Monday night…the real Halloween!  We might skip the warpaint the second time, however.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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One Response to Native American Gourmet Dinner – at Halloween Time

  1. Diane McKean says:

    Hi Will and Ginny, I found your blog while searching for a recipe for a squash soup. My husband and I are going to OUR Gourmet club, and yes, we’re also having a Native American meal! No dancers or dress up, unfortunately. If there is any chance you have the recipe and can email it to me (since I noticed you said it was delicious), I would be most appreciative. I realize someone else may have the recipe, so I understand if you can’t get it to me.The get together is tomorrow night, November 5th (yikes!).
    Diane McKean
    Portland, OR

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