Great Golfing on Vancouver Island!

We’ve had some great golfing on Vancouver Island: two days at Fairwinds Golf Course (our old stomping grounds) with David and Dawn Campbell and one day at Crown Isle Golf Club.  Here are photos of Fairwinds, with its gorgeous flowers on the deck at the clubhouse:

We were joined by Norma and Bill Work at Crown Isle.  So many flowers surrounding nearby homes… and a photo of the three lady golfers: Dawn, Ginny, and  Norma:




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The Ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island…

We took the ferry, across the Strait of Georgia, to reach Vancouver Island.  This ferry (from Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay, in Nanaimo) takes about 1 3/4 hours. (The arrow shows the route.)


BC ferries is such an organized operation (the Canadians consider it part of their highway system).  Ten lanes of cars line up 30 to 90 minutes ahead to wait for the ferry (and in the summer, reservations are suggested… or one might have to wait hours for the next ferry).  There are, however, several each day… to and from various locations – another map below will show the routes.

We entered on the 4th level, parked our car, and then noted the floor we were on as we left the car to go upstairs to the restaurant for lunch!


Each level has its own nautical symbol to help you take the correct elevator to various parts of the ferry… and then back to your car later.  With hundreds of vehicles (cars, campers, motorcycles, and semi-trucks) as well as numerous elevator banks,  it would be easy to get lost.  The map below shows the island and the various ferry routes.


Vancouver Island is HUGE (the largest island on the west coast of North America)… about 300 miles long and 100 miles wide.

The population is about 800,000, with nearly one-half the population living in the greater Victoria area (the southernmost tip of the island).  Because of the warm climate (palm trees, olive trees and lemon trees can be found here), Vancouver Island is a favorite retirement location for Canadians.  Victoria is the capital of British Columbia (even though Vancouver, which is much larger, is on the mainland). 

We used to own a summer home in Nanoose Bay, between Nanaimo and Parksville) and we will be in this area for 6 days!  The weather in the summer is perfect for golf and other outdoor activities.


Dear friends, David and Dawn Campbell, have organized our time here:  golf, dinners, and get-togethers with “old” friends.

Stay tuned for more!!

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Final Photos from Vancouver

We were staying on the 30th floor of the Sheraton Wall Centre (where our Embarc timeshare owns floors 28, 29 and 30).  The views, both day and night were stunning!

Vsncouver (as is all of British Columbia) is known for its flowers and flower baskets throughout the city.

Gastown is a trendy area in the city – beautiful flower arrangements on every light pole (made to look like the old gaslights).  There is a steam powered clock at the entrance to Gastown, which “chimes” often during each hour.

 A few things to note:  Bicyclists are respected in this city, with special lanes for them throughout the city.  And, one store, which sold stuffed animals, had this cute storefront celebrating the World Cup!

Since it rains a lot in Vancouver, one store owner found it necessary to post this sign:


We saw lots of owners walking their dogs, we saw numerous dog-walkers, also!


We loved our three days in Vancouver… next stop is Vancouver Island, a ferry ride (of 1.5-2 hours) across the Strait of Georgia!





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Our favorite dinner in Vancouver

On our last night, we “found” a special restaurant which had recently changed locations:  Giardino, where the famous Umberto Menghi is the chef.  We knew it would be good since outside there was a Bentley and two Lamborghinis!  (We are sure there were many other exotic cars parked elsewhere through Valet Parking.)

Once inside, we were seated at table #26, which is called the “mafioso table” (we would call it the gunslinger’s seat), a high-top table with a view of the entire restaurant!  The atmosphere was lively and elegant.  (There was a large outdoor patio area for equally-elegant dining “al fresco”.)

The menu was extensive – so difficult to make our selections!


Will began with oysters (of course) while Ginny chose a divine salad of butter lettuce with warm peppercorn-crusted goat cheese (garnished with marinated red pepper).


Our main courses (sorry no photos) were equally delicious.  We topped off this divine meal with an unbelievably delicious tiramisu- OOH LA LA (or whatever they would say in Italian).



Are you hungry now?  It was a fabulous dinner… and well-worth the price of admission!

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An Afternoon at Granville Island

 Just a short walk from the Sheraton Wall Centre (where our timeshare is located) and a short ferry/water taxi ride…and voilà, we were on Granville Island!


Granville is best known for its market, open every day, featuring fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, bread, pâtés, flowers, and anything else one can imagine!


The “Pâté Lady” was our favorite place.  We did sample some pàtés…and did purchase a  few selections!


After lots of viewing and some purchasing, we were ready for a Guinness (for Will) and a wine (for Ginny) and, of course, some delicious fish ‘n chips!


There was great entertainment outside… and we loved this wood-reed instrument player!  (Click below to watch the video.)


More to come later…!


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The Flying Pig- Anecdote

I forgot to mention one of the cutest things about having lunch at The Flying Pig.  The password to use their internet is OINK OINK!


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Eating our way through Vancouver!

We have enjoyed some fantastic meals in Vancouver.  Our first night we went to Joe Fortes, one of our favorites – especially for seafood.  It is named after a famous black citizen here.  Of course, Will had oysters and Ginny loved her prawn cocktail.   We could not imagine having a HUGE steak (Look at the prices!)

Then, The Flying Pig – one of our favorites for lunch, located in trendy Gastown.  Just love the name!  We had a delightful meal outside at a shady table.

Last night we ate at Bauhaus – a relatively new German restaurant.  Of course, we had the famous Weiner Schnitzel!

We are walking over five miles each day – Vancouver is such a great “walking city”.  Perhaps we will not gain weight!?!?!



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