We are in Miami, FL, for a few days prior to heading out on a Caribbean cruise!

Here we are in Miami, enjoying a few days (prior to joining friends on a one-week Caribbean cruise).


So, a few comedic moments…here was the sign in our room in a “preliminary hotel”.  Have you even seen a coin laundry recently?


This was the exact opposite:  the faucets in the sink in the ultra-modern restrooms in the movie theatre.  The all-in-one treatment!


We visited the brand-new shopping center (opened only a few months ago) in an area called Brickell, in downtown Miami.


Then, dinner one night at a superb oyster bar!


Today we played “tourist” and wandered around Wynwood, a mult-cultural area with very classy graffiti everywhere!


(If you can enlarge the top left photo, it is a colorful kitty cat on top of the airplane.)

One more full day prior to our cruise.  Several of our stops will include visits to Mayan Ruins in Mexico!

Stay tuned for more….


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New Year’s Eve Celebration with Friends

We spent a grand evening with three other couples at a nearby resort for New Year’s Eve.   There was dinner and dancing (a great band!) until after midnight.  (We could barely believe that we all lasted that long!)

Prior to dinner, we gathered in one of our suites for champagne and hors d’oeuvres.  Couples are:  us, Gloria/Bill Nielsen, Pat/Gan Avery, Karen/Bob LeClaire.

We did have a group photo taken prior to our “dancing the night away”:


Numerous candid photos were taken throughout the evening:

We wish you all a Happy New Year 2018, filled with happiness, good health, and lots of fun-filled moments!

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Happy New Year from Ginny and Will Barrett

Please click on the photo/video below.  (You may be directed to the main site.)  This is our special greeting for 2018!

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A Christmas Dinner Party at Casa Barrett!

We had a very special Christmas Dinner Party (for 14 guests) at our home on Saturday night (that’s last night!).  The house was decorated outside with many lights and special features…

And, of course, inside was decorated “to the fullest” with our 9-foot tree, etc.  We had “Yule Log” showing on the TV, playing soft Christmas piano music.

We were fortunate to have Roxanna Baker, an accordionist, playing Christmas carols during the cocktail hour.  She added much gaiety to the evening!

Here is a short video of her playing… (Click on the video below …You may be connected directly to our main blog site in order for it to play.)

We greeted everyone as they arrived (in lovely holiday attire!) and took photos in front of the Christmas tree.

The table for hors d’oeuvres was set up in the Great Room, complete with Pâté de Foie Gras, Caviar (with its accompaniments) and other special treats.

Here are some candid photos taken prior to dinner:

Just before we sat down to dinner, Ginny performed her “usual” 12 Days of Christmas song… with Roxanna playing on the accordion.  This is just a short snippet of it…(click on the video below… As before, you may be connected directly to the blog site to view.)  It’a a little dark, but you’ll “get the picture”, pun intended….

After that, it was time to go to the table…decorated for the occasion.


There were vintage wines, champagne, and other libations throughout the evening.

Of course, we took some candid photos during the dinner.  Special thanks to both Gloria Nielsen and Pam Heidinger who took many of the photos throughout the party!

It was a wonderful evening… and we thank everyone who attended … for gifts of wine and other Christmas items.  Merry Christmas to all!


And … Happy New Year 2018 to everyone!!

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A Chinese Dinner at “Temple Barrett”

In celebration of our recent trip to China, we hosted a Chinese dinner at our house (for our Sunday golf group).  

The house was decorated with lots of red (favorite color of the Chinese).

Stations were set up for everyone to participate:  for chopping, measuring, etc.  Notice all the bottles of sauces!


The ladies did most of the cooking (we had two woks on the stove in operation), and the Kung Pao Chicken (which we made) was delicious!!

A good time was had by all… and Ginny and Gloria were in costume!!

11-26-17I wonder what theme will be dreamed up for our next adventure!!

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Our Second (and final) Day with Warren, Griselda, Luciana and Raglan

Where does the time go?  We had a fun day being with and watching our grand babies have fun!

First, it was morning time:  getting ready for a day at the pool.  Luciana is very vivacious; Raglan is more “serious”… or, shall we say, “focused”?

Will and I sneaked out for a private lunch at one of our favorite haunts in  Fashion Island, Café Beau Soleil, while the kids were joined by friends at the pool (at our timeshare, The Marriott Coast Villas).

Then, for the rest of the afternoon, we watched the grand babies frolic in the HUGE pool.  They really had a wonderful time… and Raglan especially enjoyed being in the water!

Here is a cute video of Griselda and Luciana…(Click on the video for it to begin.  You may be redirected to the actual site.  note:  It looks sideways, but it will come out vertical.)


At the end of the day, it was time to calm down…. We think both grand-children were absolutely exhausted…(so were the grandparents and parents).

As grand-parents usually say, it was nice to “hand them back” to their parents.  And, Warren and Griselda are FANTASTIC parents!!  Until the next time that we get together … we hope that it isn’t too long a wait….



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Day One with the Grand Babies

We had such fun enjoying our first day with Luciana (age 2 1/2) and Raglan (10 months old)!  Proud parents, Griselda and Warren, helped out!

So so many candid moments throughout the day:

We had a wonderful lunch at The Beachcomber Restaurant…!


Can’t wait for more fun… yet to come…



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